What we do

Our mission is to help guide new buyers through the task of purchasing an online business. We act as your buyer consultant and make sure you have all the tools, resources and knowledge you need to make good business buying decisions. We have a proven process that takes you from start to finish that includes sticking with you after the purchase to make sure you succeed.

The sellers have representation, why not you? Don’t walk into a deal unprotected:


Before purchasing a site, we’ll walk through your situation and make sure you’re setup for success

  • Financial Assessment – We’ll ensure that your new business fits your individual financial capabilities and help you qualify for financing – including SBA and bank loans
  • Personal Action Plan – We’ll look at your long term goals to determine the right businesses for you
  • Business Search – We’ll help you find the perfect business to fit your needs


Once a business is found, we’ll act as your representative and help you through the entire purchase process

  • Initial Business Assessment – We’ll create an initial risk assessment report for the business
  • Offer Submission – We’ll help you to prepare an offer that’s fair and competitive
  • Due Diligence – We have partnered with top agencies to help provide due diligence and inspections on the business once your offer is accepted


We help connect you to the right resources, services, and people to help you grow your new business.

  • Paid Advertisements – We have great resources for companies who can optimize your advertisement campaigns and bring in more profit
  • Employee Hiring – If the business requires new faces, we’ll point you in the right direction to find them
  • Business Processes – We’ll work with you on finding what business processes need to be streamlined

We don’t get paid until we succeed. Let’s talk about your goals

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The Markets

There are several markets you can choose from when looking for online businesses to purchase.

We help you navigate these markets and understand the advantages and disadvantages for each one.


eCommerce (dropship)

eCommerce (all)

Content and Media

Marketplaces/ Transactional

Lead Generation

SaaS/ Software

Membership/ Subscription

We only work with who want to change their lives for the better

Buying vs. Building?
Brick-and-mortar vs. Online?

By purchasing an already-established online business, you walk away with some pretty significant advantages right off the bat.

Top 4

  • Lower overhead – The costs of owning an online business can be significantly lower
  • New Investment Type – Not tied to real estate or stock markets. Better control
  • Work from anywhere – Many businesses allow for you to work from home or abroad
  • Ability to adapt/change at will.

Buy a business that banks will lend to

The opportunities we go after have proper accounting, tax and legal structures. We’ll help you understand and look for these key points.

What does that mean?

  • You can get full bank or SBA loans against them (provded they have enough history).
  • Verified Income – We don’t look at businesses that do not have bank statements, tax returns, and credit card processing reports to prove income


-Last point-
Currently, sellers have all the representation in this market, so we asked ourselves; who is protecting the buyer? Do the buyers have all the resources and tools they need to make good decisions? Do they know everything to check for? How do buyers know if they are getting fooled with?

That is why we created eWebEstate, to protect the buyer. Don’t walk into a deal unprotected:

Let us help you find a good deal and not waste your money
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